Shy Guy's Ship

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Shy Guy's Ship
Shy Guy's Ship.png
Level code 5 - 4
Game Yoshi's Story
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Shy Guy's Ship is the name of a level in Yoshi's Story. It is a level in Page 5. Despite its name, the level does not actually take place on the ship, but rather the land near it.

During the level, the Baby Yoshis have to make it past a pipe-filled land near the water. However, there are Shy Guy Galleons launching Bob-bombs at Yoshi from the background. Because of these goons, it becomes dangerous to stay in on place for too long. There are also many pipes in the ground, which effectively slow Yoshi down long enough for the Shy Guys to get shots off. This is what makes this level challenging.

After Yoshi escapes the pirates, there is a place filled with Turtle Cannons shooting Bullet Bills. Fortunately, the nearby Goonies provide platforms for Yoshi to use and evade the machines.

The hidden Heart Coin letter for this stage is R.

Storybook segment[edit]

The Yoshis walked along the shore, when pirate ships suddenly attacked. Ships ahoy! The Yoshis ran to escape the Shy Guys and cannonballs. As they ran, the Yoshis could see they were almost to the castle.



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ヘイホーの かいぞくせん
Heihō no Kaizokusen
Shy Guy's Pirate Ship
French Navires Maskass Shy Guy ships
German Piratenbucht Pirate Bay