Spider (Yoshi's Story)

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Artwork of a Spider in Yoshi's Story

Spiders[1][2] are enemies encountered in Yoshi's Story. Spiders come down on silk threads and attempt to hurt a Yoshi with their spike-covered body. They cannot be defeated with Yoshi Eggs, so Yoshis must avoid them. They are only found in Stage 1-2: Surprise!! and Stage 4-1: Jungle Hut. Yoshi cannot jump through their silk lines.

Despite their name, Spiders behave more similarly to insect larvae such as caterpillars or bagworms, particularly the oak leaf roller larva, which is known to hang from trees on a thread of silk. Their Japanese name, in fact, references the Japanese word for bagworms. Appearance-wise, they resemble mites, which are animals related to spiders with round bodies and more than six legs.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ミノボン[3]
From 「ミノムシ」 minomushi (Bagworm).