Cloud N. Candy

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Cloud N. Candy
“Slurpity-slurp. I'm so sweet, you can't lick me! Burrrp!”
Cloud N. Candy, Yoshi's Story

Cloud N. Candy is a boss who appears in the Nintendo 64 game Yoshi's Story. This boss is a colossal, buoyant, smiling cloud composed of fluffy yellow candy. In order to defeat Cloud N. Candy the player has to lick him. Cloud N. Candy jumps during the fight, damaging the player if they touch him. As the player continues to lick him, he shrinks to a smaller size, making him quicker and more agile. Each time he is licked the player will recover some of their health. After repeated licks, Cloud N. Candy is eaten. His name, as well as the character himself, is a pun on cloud and cotton candy.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クモガシ
From 「くも」 kumo (cloud)
German Schimmerwolke Shimmer cloud


  • Cloud N. Candy is referred to with male pronouns in the Yoshi's Story Nintendo Official Player's Strategy Guide,[page number needed] but with female pronouns by Nintendo Power.[citation needed]
  • Because of the manner in which Cloud N. Candy is defeated, he is the only boss aside from Baby Bowser who does not shrink and fade away upon being defeated.