Power Flower (Yoshi's Story)

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This article is about the object in Yoshi's Story. For other uses, see Power Flower.
Power Flower
First appearance Yoshi's Story (1997)
Effect Heals a Yoshi when eaten

A Power Flower is a special sunflower that appears in Yoshi's Story. It grows from the ground and has a green stem with green leaves, as well as a yellow head with red petals, black eyes, and a small red mouth. The head of a Power Flower can be consumed by a Baby Yoshi, allowing the Yoshi to recover two petals on his Smile Meter. However, the Yoshi gets no ♥s by eating the flower, unlike eating a fruit or a Shy Guy, and thus consuming the plant does not improve the Yoshi's mood when the stage is completed. The head of the Power Flower quickly regrows after being consumed, meaning that the Yoshi can simply keep eating flower heads until his health is fully recovered. The Power Flower is akin to the Spinning Heart of Super Mario 64, as both objects can be used to quickly (but not immediately) recover all health.

Power Flowers appear in Sonic Lost World in the DLC level Yoshi's Island Zone, released for free to owners of the Wii U version.[1]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese [2]


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