Special Delivery

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The flowerpot that starts Special Delivery
“Ground pound to load up the melon boxes, then carry them to the finish.”
Message Block, Yoshi's Story

Special Delivery is a special minigame in Yoshi's Story. The minigame begins when a Baby Yoshi ground-pounds an orange flowerpot with an illustration of a melon on it, which will cause it to shoot up seven boxes, each containing a melon, before disappearing in a puff of white smoke. The Baby Yoshi must stand under the blocks to collect them in a stack and make their way towards the FINISH flag located some distance away. As they approach the finish, the player must balance the stack and be careful not to let it tip over too far or run into enemies or other obstacles, as doing so will result in the boxes falling and the failure of the minigame. When the Baby Yoshi successfully reaches the FINISH flag, all of the melon boxes they were carrying will turn into melons and drop onto the ground.

A Green Yoshi holding seven melons

In the Mecha Castle, Lift Castle, and Ghost Castle, the melon boxes will come down one at a time, meaning that the player must balance the stack as they collect the boxes.