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Each Yoshi has a Favorite Fruit in Yoshi's Story, which revolves around eating fruit to advance through the game. Each color of Yoshi has a different Favorite Fruit, which makes them happier. If a Yoshi eats its Favorite Fruit, the Yoshi receives three times more ♥s and health than normal. Additionally, while each color of Yoshi has a unique Favorite Fruit, all Yoshis love the melon, which also awards a bonus 100 ♥s apiece after the stage is completed.

The Favorite Fruit of a Yoshi tends to match their color. For example, the Yellow Yoshi likes bananas. The Black and White Yoshis, however, like every type of fruit.

The Lucky Fruit, which is chosen at random before each playthrough, is preferred over the Favorite Fruit, awarding eight ♥s and completely recovering the Smile Meter.


  • Apple – Red Yoshi, Pink Yoshi, Black Yoshi, White Yoshi
  • Bananas – Yellow Yoshi, Black Yoshi, White Yoshi
  • Watermelon – Green Yoshi, Black Yoshi, White Yoshi
  • Grapes – Blue Yoshi, Light-Blue Yoshi, Black Yoshi, White Yoshi
  • Melon – Red Yoshi, Pink Yoshi, Yellow Yoshi, Green Yoshi, Blue Yoshi, Light Blue Yoshi, Black Yoshi, White Yoshi

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese すきなフルーツ
Sukina Furūtsu
Favorite Fruit
Chinese (Simplified) 爱吃的水果
Ài Chī de Shuǐguǒ
Favorite Fruit