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Artwork of a Do-Drop from Yoshi's Story.
A Do-Drop from a cloud

Do-Drops[1] are a species of waterdrop-like creatures in Yoshi's Story. Their names are a pun on dewdrop, a small drop of dew. The Do-Drops first appear in Stage 2-3: Jelly Pipe. They are usually found in narrow passageways, where they come out of a rusty and broken Pipe. They have a presumably sour taste, since a Yoshi will receive damage if they eat one. Because they are a liquid-based entity, eating one will not produce an egg. Do-Drops are later found in Stage 5-3: Shy Guy Limbo, where they are dropped by clouds. They attack by bouncing off and colliding with any Yoshi in sight, dissolving themselves in the process.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese すいてきくん[2]
Waterdrop Kid