Bone Dragon Pit

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Bone Dragon Pit
Level code 2 - 1
Game Yoshi's Story
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The Bone Dragon Pit is the first Cavern level in Yoshi's Story. It is a large tunnel that poses as the native home of Spikes, Nipper Plants, and Bone Dragons. Above it is a rocky steppe.

The Bone Dragon Pit is characterized by sitar music and the distant roars of the Bone Dragons. In fact, the place is abundant with pits that house the dragons. Twice a Yoshi has to explore some of these pits and has to clash with a three-headed dragon in each. Even above the pits, the necks of the dragons still rise to attack the common trespassers.

This is one of the levels with a hidden black-spotted Giant Egg, which can be used to unlock a Black Yoshi. In Story Mode, the player must find a Tulip to the left of the fourth Miss Warp. The player must eat it and shoot themselves into the alcove above, then stop at the top, where they find a ? Bubble. The player needs to pop it to release and collect the black-spotted Giant Egg, then finish the level with it.

The hidden Heart Coin letter for this stage is R.

Storybook segment[edit]

As they continued to look for happiness, the Yoshis got lost in a dark cave. Inside lived Bone Dragon. If the Yoshis stayed, they'd surely be eaten. They escaped, of course. No Yoshi wants to become lunch for a dragon!




Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ホネホネりゅうの あな
Honehone ryū no ana
Bone Dragon's Pit

Chinese 独闯骨骨龙穴
Dúchuǎng Gǔgǔlóng Xué
Venture to the Bone Dragon cave alone

French Antre du dragon
Dragon's den
German Knochenhöhle
Bone cavern