Propeller Lift

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The Propeller Lift from Yoshi's Story

A Propeller Lift is an object that is found in Yoshi's Story. When a Yoshi encounters one of these objects, they actually do not attack the Yoshi. These objects just stay untouched in the sky as these objects continue to run their propellers. When the Yoshi jumps on the Propeller Lift, the object starts to power up as it starts to fly up with the Yoshi. The Yoshi can move the area by using the Propeller Lift to tilt to move around. There are two limitations to the object. One thing is that the Propeller Lift only files up while the Yoshi is standing on the object; to solve it, the Yoshi can also jump it out from the object. If jumped out, the object stops flying up into the air. Another limitation is that when a Yoshi hits a wall while riding the Propeller Lift; the object will disappear as the Yoshi will fall down into the ground. These objects only appear in 1-4: Tower Climb, and they resemble the lower part of the Koopa Clown Car.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese プロペラリフト[1]
Puropera Rifuto
Propeller Lift


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