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Not to be confused with Magic Ball.
The ball, outside its bubble
? Bubble

? Bubbles,[1] also called Mystery Balls,[2][3] or Question Mark Balloons[4][5] are objects that are found in Yoshi's Story. Like with ordinary bubbles, a Yoshi can pop a ? Bubble by simply throwing a Yoshi Egg at it or by touching it about 15 to 30 times. When the Yoshi bumps into it once, it simply gets knocked around, without popping. ? Bubbles occasionally just float or move around the area of the level above the ground. They can hide walking coins, a Shy Guy, a melon in a parachute, a Surprise Ball, or a Heart Fruit.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ?シャボン
? Shabon
? Soap


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