Mr. Eel

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Mr. Eel
Artwork of a Mr. Eel from Yoshi's Story
Artwork from Yoshi's Story
First appearance Yoshi's Story (1997)
Variant of Snorkel Snake

A Mr. Eel,[1] also simply called an Eel,[2] is an enemy in Yoshi's Story. Mr. Eels are small Snorkel Snake-like creatures appearing in stages with water only, namely Jungle Puddle and Lots O'Fish. These enemies do nothing but mindlessly swim through levels, moving through walls and other obstacles; as a result, they do not pose much of a threat. Mr. Eels always come in unlimited numbers, which can prove to be useful, as they can be eaten by a Yoshi to restore life on the latter's Smile Meter. When a Yoshi eats a Mr. Eel, it gives them an egg, but it is useless underwater.

Profiles and statistics[edit]

  • Shogakukan guide: 食べると元気がわいてくる。夏バテや疲労におすすめ。[3] (Eating it will give a burst of energy. Recommended for summer heat and fatigue.)
  • Nintendo 64 Spieleberater: Der Schlängel-Schlingel schmeckt ganz gut und er ist total gesund, weil er viel Eiweiß hat![4] (The Mr. Eel tastes quite good and it is totally healthy because it has a lot of protein!)


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ウナギさん[5]
Chibi Unabon
Mr. Eel

Chibi (small) Snorkel Snake

German Aalibert[6]
Pun on the name "Albert" and aal ("eel")
Snake Rascal


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