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“The story had barely started. To find happiness, the Yoshis needed to hurry. Balloon monsters tried to slow them down, but the Yoshis kept moving. Now the Yoshis were a little closer to finding the Super Happy Tree!”
Storybook, Yoshi's Story
A screenshot of the level Surprise!! from Yoshi's Story.
Level code 1 - 2
Game Yoshi's Story
Music track Yoshi's Song
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Surprise!! is the second level of Page 1 in Yoshi's Story,. The level takes place in a large, grassy area lined with many trees. As with Treasure Hunt, there are many Shy Guys lurking in the trees, as well as some Special Hearts found high in the sky. This level introduces Balloon Bullies, who can help the Baby Yoshis reach great heights, and spiders, who dangle from webs and attempt to hit the Yoshis. Exclusive to this level are Air Bags, pink, balloon-like enemies that blow gusts of wind once released from their crates, and Fuzzy Wigglers, who, as the name implies, are green, furry Wigglers who walk back and forth.


The first half of the level is filled with many pipes, although they can not be entered. Three Fuzzy Wigglers appear in this part of the level, and a melon is given to the Baby Yoshis when they are defeated. Farther into the level is a hidden ! Switch that can create several cloud platforms. The heroes can climb on these clouds to reach a Special Heart. As the Baby Yoshis make their way to the level's midway point, they will also encounter many of the level's spiders, hanging from large trees. They will have to maneuver around these enemies to make their way into another area of the level.

Several crates can also be found in this level, many of which are located after the midway point. Three of these crates contain Air Bags, who can blow the Baby Yoshis away. If they block the Baby Yoshis' path, they will have no choice but to defeat the foe with their eggs. Poochy, the helpful dog from other games in the Yoshi franchise, is also present after the midway point, and he can help the heroes find two Heart Coins in the ground. Not too far between the very end of the level, more fruit can be found, as well as some moving platforms. Another Balloon Bully can also be found just beyond this area, helping the Baby Yoshis reach some Heart Coins. Shortly before the heroes reach the very end of the stage, they can find a family of Huffin Puffins. The baby Huffin' Puffins can join the Yoshis on their adventure for the rest of the level and be used as boomerang-like projectiles that replace their eggs.

The hidden Heart Coin letter for this stage is "O".

Special Heart and melon locations[edit]

Special Hearts[edit]

1. Just past the first tree full of Shy Guys, pop the ? Bubble and step on the ? Switch that comes out. Climb the clouds and, upon reaching the row of large clouds above, move left to find the first Special Heart.

2. In the second forest with Spiders, found past the pit containing a ? Bubble, Ground Pound the first yellow pipe to reveal the second Special Heart.

3. In the second half of the level, pop the area's first ? Bubble, found next to an Egg Block to spawn a Balloon Bully. Jump on it, move upwards and jump to obtain the final Special Heart.


1. Between the blue and yellow pipes is a Fuzzy Wiggler, which drops one melon upon defeat. In order to defeat it, jump on all five of their segments.

2. On top of the same yellow pipe is another melon floating above.

3 - 4. To the right of the first Spider encountered in the level are two melons floating in bubbles that can be popped with eggs.

5. At the first tree full of Shy Guys, Ground Pound the spot both arrow signs are pointing at.

6. Past the tree and at the ledge close to where the first Miss Warp rests is another Fuzzy Wiggler to defeat.

7. Another tree full of Shy Guys that is right next to the first Miss Warp can be Ground Pounded to reveal a melon.

8. In between two blue pipes on the ledge above is yet another Fuzzy Wiggler.

9 - 15. Break open at least one of the stone blocks and pop the ? Bubble to reveal a Vase that leads to the level's minigame, Special Delivery. Stack and deliver all seven melon boxes to the finish flag.

16 - 17. After entering the Vase to exit the minigame area, walk to the left to find the final Fuzzy Wiggler of the level and a melon floating above its starting location.

18. After entering the level's second half, move the first Mystery Crate encountered and Ground Pound it.

19. Throw an egg at the second Mystery Crate to reveal an Air Bag, then throw eggs at its bandage twice to defeat it and win a melon.

20. Ground Pound the third Mystery Crate.

21 - 22. Push the fifth Mystery Crate up on the high ledge to the left to make it drop down onto the fourth Mystery Crate, and both will turn into two melons.

23. Defeat the Air Bag hidden in the sixth Mystery Crate found across the shallow pit with vertically-moving platforms.

24. Ground Pound the seventh Mystery Crate, located right next to the Power Flower.

25 - 26. Pop the ? Bubble close by to reveal a Balloon Bully and move upwards to find two Flying Shy Guys holding melons.

27. Defeat the Air Bag hidden within the eighth Mystery Crate, found at the tree on the ledge, to be rewarded a melon.

28. Pop the ? Bubble above the Message Block and collect all five coins to be rewarded a melon.

29. Defeat the final Air bag hidden in the ninth and final Mystery Crate, found between the final Miss Warp and the Vase, to win a melon.

30. Pop the ? Bubble to the right of the Vase to reveal the final melon.

Other information[edit]




Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ビックリンで びっくり
Bikkurin de bikkuri
Air Bag Surprise
(びっくり is used as a pun on the hiragana spelling of 「ビックリン」)
Chinese (Simplified) 大吃一惊
French Surprise!! -
German Geheimniswald Forest of secrets