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Level code 1 - 2
Game Yoshi's Story
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Surprise!! is the second level of Yoshi's Story, found on the first page. The level takes place in a large, grassy area. Like the level before it, known as Treasure Hunt, there are many Shy Guys lurking in the trees, as well as some Special Hearts found high in the sky. This level is also home to Balloon Bullies, who can help the Yoshis reach great heights, although only two of them appear throughout the whole level. A pink, balloon-like enemy, known as an Air Bag, appears as well, sharing a similar appearance to the Balloon Bullies. However, they do more harm than good and can blow the Yoshis away once released from their crates. Other enemies here include Fuzzy Wigglers and spiders.

The beginning of the level is filled with many pipes, although they can not be entered. Fuzzy Wigglers also flood the level's beginning. They can be quite of a hazard, but a melon is given to the Yoshis when they are defeated. Farther into the level is a hidden ! Switch that can create several cloud platforms. The heroes can climb on these clouds to reach a Special Heart. As the Yoshis make their way to the level's midway point, they will also encounter many of the level's spiders, hanging from large trees. They will have to maneuver around these enemies to make their way into another area of the level.

Several crates can also be found in this level, many of which are located after the midway point. Three of these crates contain Air Bags, who, as said before, can blow the Yoshis away. If they block the Yoshis' path, they will have no choice but to defeat the foe with their eggs. Poochy, the helpful dog from other games in the Yoshi franchise, is also present after the midway point, and he can help the heroes find two Heart Coins in the ground. Not too far between the very end of the level, more fruit can be found, as well as some moving platforms. Another Balloon Bully can also be found just beyond this area, helping the Yoshis reach some Heart Coins. Shortly before the heroes reach the very end of the stage, they can find a family of Huffin Puffins. The baby Huffin' Puffins can join the Yoshis on their adventure for the rest of the level, being used to replace eggs.

Other information[edit]

Storybook segment[edit]

The story had barely started. To find happiness, the Yoshis needed to hurry. Balloon monsters tried to slow them down, but the Yoshis kept moving. Now the Yoshis were a little closer to finding the Super Happy Tree!


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ビックリンで びっくり
Bikkurin de bikkuri
Air Bag Surprise
(びっくり is used as a pun on the hiragana spelling of 「ビックリン」)
Chinese (Simplified) 大吃一惊
French Surprise!! -
German Geheimniswald Forest of secrets