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Artwork of a blue Neuron

Neurons[1] are a species featured in Yoshi's Story. They appear to be large multi-colored worm-like creatures with whiskers on the top of their heads. They only appear in one level, 4-4: Neuron Jungle. The Yoshis can mostly use their heads as platforms to reach other places, but at times Neurons can push Yoshis off the edges of platforms to their defeat. Certain Neurons will also be nestled in inconvenient areas, blocking places and fruits off with their tall bodies. They have a spiked, underwater counterpart called the Sea Cactus.


The various Neurons that appear in Yoshi's Story

There are four main types of Neurons:

  • Red with black spots (stays still, but goes down when Ground Pounded)
  • Light blue with blue spots (curves after the player Jumps on it)
  • Yellow with magenta spots (goes straight up and straight down)
  • Pink with purple spots (stays in the air but tilts side to side)

They have eyes on the top of their heads covered by light blue eyelids. When Yoshis touch an eye, it retracts into the Neuron. When Yoshis cause them to move, they make a unique deep buzzing sound that sounds as if they are shouting "Nyoro!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ニョロロン[2]
From "nyoro", the Japanese onomotopoeia for "wiggly" or "slithery".
German Odlido -


  • The species name is the same as the scientific term "neuron", which is a nerve cell in a human body. However, it may be an attempt to transliterate the Japanese name to English, as it is also the noise they make.


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