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Yoshi's Story official artwork of a Neuron
Artwork of a blue Neuron from Yoshi's Story
First appearance Yoshi's Story (1997)
Latest appearance Mario Artist: Paint Studio (1999)
Sea cactus
“Soft and squishy, a friendly guy. Use his head to ride up high.”
Message Block in Neuron Jungle, Yoshi's Story

Neurons are a species featured in Yoshi's Story. They appear to be large multicolored cylindrical creatures with whiskers on the tops of their heads. They appear in only one level: Neuron Jungle. Their name is the same as the scientific term "neuron," which is a nerve cell in a human body. However, it may be an attempt to transliterate the Japanese name to English, as it is also the noise they make. The Yoshis can mostly use Neurons' heads as platforms to reach other places, but at times Neurons can push Yoshis off the edges of platforms to their defeat. Certain Neurons are also nestled in inconvenient areas, blocking places and fruits off with their tall bodies. They have a spiked, underwater variation called the sea cactus.

In the Yoshi's Story adaptation in the manga book Mario no Bōken Land, several multiple colored Neurons appear.

Artwork of the blue Neuron appears as a stamp in Mario Artist: Paint Studio.


Sprite of a red Neuron from Yoshi's Story
Sprite of a blue Neuron from Yoshi's Story
Sprite of a yellow Neuron from Yoshi's Story
The various Neurons that appear in Yoshi's Story

There are four types of Neurons:

  • Red with maroon spots (stays still but goes down when ground-pounded)
  • Light blue with blue spots (tilts left and right and goes up and down)
  • Yellow with orange spots (goes straight up and straight down)
  • Pink with purple spots (stays in the air but tilts from side to side)

Neurons have eyes covered by light-blue or purple eyelids on the tops of their heads. When Yoshis touch an eye, it retracts into the Neuron. When Yoshis cause Neurons to move, they say the word "Nyoro!" in a deep voice.


  • Shogakukan guide: のびたり、ちぢんだり、スイングしたり。悪いヤツじゃなさそうだ。[1](It stretches, shrinks, and swings. It doesn't seem to be a bad guy.)
  • Nintendo 64 Spieleberater: Oh Mann, wenn ich mir das Ding so ansehe, wird mir ganz komisch. An irgendwas erinnert mich Odlido, wenn ich nur wußte an was... Aber egal, vor ihm brauche ich jedenfalls keine Angst zu haben. Er ist cool und macht sich selbst dann locker, wenn ich ihm auf der Nase herumtanze. Außerdem hilft er mir, hoher gelegene oder weit entfernte Ebenen zu erreichen. [2] (Oh man, looking at that thing makes me feel all funny. Neuron reminds me of something, if only I knew what... But anyway, I don't need to be afraid of him. He is cool and makes himself loose even when I dance on his nose. Besides, he helps me to reach high or distant levels.)


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ニョロロン
From「ニョロニョロ」(nyoronyoro, slithering) and possibly "neuron"
Chinese 扭隆
Niǔ lóng
Means "twister"; may also be a transiteration of the English name
French Neuron -
German Odlido[3]