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Switch-Lift Express from New Super Luigi U.
Luigi having activated the first Switch-Lift in Switch-Lift Express

Switch-Lifts are a special type of lift appearing, if exclusively, in New Super Luigi U, serving as the main focus of the level Switch-Lift Express. There are roughly a dozen throughout the stage, most of them being of different sizes. However, they all have an orange ? Switch on or next to them activating some sort of mechanism or event, usually quite quickly, when activated themselves. This often means moving the attached platform so as to progress through the level.

The first Switch-Lift appears immediately after the underground sub-area is entered, and it is very long. Pressing the switch causes it to be launched to the right. The next, smaller Switch-Lifts simply clear the path if the first Star Coin is not collected. Luigi can use the following lifts to get over Piranha Plants, before reaching a square lift allowing him to collect a load of coins. The final Switch-Lift in the level is mandatory for exiting the sub-area and completing the level.