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Artwork of a blue snake from Yoshi's Story
First appearance Yoshi's Story (1997)
“Up and Down! Left and Right! Jump on the snake to change his flight!”
Message Block in Cloud Cruising, Yoshi's Story

Snakes, also called air snakes[1] or Aerosnakes,[2] are creatures that fly in the air and can be used as moving platforms in Yoshi's Story. When a Yoshi steps on one, the snake starts flying in the air. Snakes are encountered only in the first area of Cloud Cruising, in which they are found en masse. Snakes come in two types: blue snakes[3] and red snakes.[3] When stepped on, both play carnival-esque music, but the music is slightly different depending on the color of the snake. The music can also play either forward or backwards, depending on the current direction of the snake. If a Yoshi loses a snake, the Yoshi can always find it again at its original spot. Otherwise, once a snake moves, it never stops. Blue snakes are encountered first, and they move forward in a zigzagging horizontal motion, while red snakes move upward in a zigzagging vertical motion, necessitating jumping to stay on board; both change direction when landed upon. The incline that the snakes travel in varies between each.


  • Shogakukan guide: 大流行のだきまくら、ではありません。向きを変えたいときは、背中でジャンプ。[4](This is not the hugely popular dakimakura. When you want to turn it around, jump on its back.)
  • Nintendo 64 Spieleberater: Zwei coole Chabos, die uns besonders dann sehr behilflich sind, wenn es gilt, hoch hinaus zu kommen. Durch geschickte Sprunge auf die Rücken der beiden laüt sich die Richtung, in die sie sich bewegen, verändern. Dennoch ist es oft nicht ganz einfach, sich von den beiden transportieren zu lassen, denn man rutscht sehr leicht ab. [5](Two cool idiots that are very helpful to us especially when we need to get to high places. By skillfully jumping on their backs, they can change the direction in which they move. Nevertheless, it is often not easy to be transported by the two, because one slips very easily.)


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ヘビリン

Combination of「蛇」(hebi, snake) and Japanese endearing diminutive「~りん」(-rin)

Chinese (simplified) 骑美蛇
qí měi shé
Chime Snake

French Serpent[6]
German Lakratzo[5] (Blue)
Lakritzo[5] (Red)
Masculine adaption of lakritz ("liquorice")


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