Snake (Yoshi's Story)

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A blue snake from Yoshi's Story

Snakes, or air snakes[1], are creatures that float in the air and can be used as moving platforms in Yoshi's Story. When a Yoshi steps on one, the snake will start flying in the air. They are only encountered in the first area of Stage 3-1: Cloud Cruising, in which they are found en masse.

Snakes come in two types: blue snakes[2] and red snakes[2]. When stepped on, both will play carnival-esque music, but the music is slightly different depending on the snake and plays either forward or backwards, depending on the snake's path. Should a Yoshi lose a snake, the Yoshi can always find a it again at its original spot. Otherwise, once a snake moves, it never stops. Blue snakes are encountered first, and move in a horizontal zig-zagging motion, while red snakes move in a vertical zig-zagging motion, necessitating jumping to stay on board; both change direction when landed upon. The incline that the snakes travel in varies between each.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ヘビリン
From 「蛇」hebi, meaning snake.
German Lakratzo (Blue)
Lakritzo (Red)
From Lakritz, meaning liquorice.


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