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This article is about the species from Yoshi's Story. For the first boss of Virtual Boy Wario Land also referred to as a dragon, see Dinosaur Fish.
Artwork of a red dragon from Yoshi's Story
Artwork of a red dragon in Yoshi's Story
First appearance Yoshi's Story (1998)
Bone Dragon
A green Dragon from Yoshi's Story
Sprite of a red Dragon from Yoshi's Story
The two dragons as they appear in Yoshi's Story
“This dragon looks scary, but he likes you and can fly.”
Message Block in Cloud Cruising, Yoshi's Story

Dragons (called a Serpent in a promotional Toys "R" Us advertisement[1]) are friendly characters that appear only in Yoshi's Story. They serve as platforms that a Yoshi must ride on in order to traverse certain levels. They are present in only two stages. The first, a green dragon, is seen during the third part of Stage 3-1: Cloud Cruising. When jumped on, the creature will start flying across the air. It acts merely as a moving platform. The second, a red dragon, is later seen in Stage 6-4: Magma Castle. This dragon acts similarly to its green equivalent, but it swims in lava rather than flying in air.

Profiles and statistics[edit]

  • Message Block information for the red Dragon: This dragon is your friend. He'll carry you across the lava sea.
  • Shogakukan guide: 広い空も溶岩の海もス〜イスイ。背 中に乗れば、どこへだって行けそう。

The wide sky and the sea of lava are both amazing. If you ride on their back, you can go anywhere you want to go.[2]

  • Message Block information for the green Dragon (set to German): Drachenritt Er sieht böse aus, ist aber ein netter Kerl, Reite auf ihm. Große Höhe macht ihm nichts aus, er ist völlig schwindelfrei. (Dragon ride He looks evil, but he's a nice guy, ride him. Great height does not bother him, he is completely free from giddiness.)


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ドラゴン
German Grübatz (Green Dragon)
Lawawa[3] (Red Dragon)
From "grün" (green)
From "lava"