Zip Track

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Zip Track
Conveyor Belt from Super Mario Bros. Wonder
A single-block wide Zip Track.
First appearance Super Mario Bros. Wonder
Effect Propels in one direction on contact.

Zip Tracks are objects that appear in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. They appear as blocky platforms in varying widths with white chevrons moving along their front. When a player, item, or enemy touches a Zip Track, they will immediately be launched in the direction indicated by the chevrons, similarly to a Dash Panel. When hit from below, Zip Tracks can be grabbed onto and ridden in the direction indicated. Jumping while grabbing from below causes the player to fall back off. Zip Tracks can also be oriented vertically, and carry the player and objects up or down walls as indicated.

Most Zip Tracks are colored orange, but other colorations appear. Blue Zip Tracks are seen in places where contact is discouraged and would lose progress, such as Badge Challenge Wall-Climb Jump II. Red and blue Zip Tracks appear in pairs in Color-Switch Dungeon, whereupon hitting an ON/OFF Switch, these Zip Tracks will swap colors and direction, akin to Conveyor Belts in Super Mario Maker 2.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ダッシュレール
Dasshu rēru
Dash rail
Dutch Zoefrail Zoom rail
French Rail d'accélération Acceleration rail
German Tempobahn Tempo track
Italian Blocco accelerazione Acceleration block
Portuguese Pista aceleradora Accelerator track
Russian Рельс-ускоритель
Accelerator rail
Spanish Pista de aceleración Acceleration track