Professor Connect

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Professor Connect
ProfConnect Active.pngScreenshot of Professor Connect from Super Mario Bros. Wonder
Professor Connect with online play enabled (left) and disabled (right)
Species Robot
First appearance Super Mario Bros. Wonder (2023)

Professor Connect is a robotic character that appears on the world map in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. The player can talk to it to toggle online play. Professor Connect resembles a parabolic antenna and sports a Wi-Fi signal icon that is struck through if online play is disabled. It gets lit up in turquoise when online play is enabled. It is similar to Uncle amiibo from Super Mario Odyssey, as a personified robot with a title preceding a generic name that is tied to mechanics that exist on the player's end.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 通信アンテナさん
Tsūshin Antena-san
Mr. Communication Antenna
Chinese (Simplified) 通讯天线
Tōngxùn Tiānxiàn
Communication Antenna
French M. Rézo Modified spelling of "Monsieur Réseau" (Mister Network)
German Prof. Antenne Prof. Antenna
Italian Antennina Little antenna
Korean 미스터 안테나
Miseuteo Antena
Mr. Antenna
Portuguese (NOA) Professor Antenado Pun with "antena" (antenna) and the slang "antenado" (tuned in)
Portuguese (NOE) Professor Antena Professor Antenna
Russian Сетий Антенныч
Setiy Antennych
Deformation of "сеть" (set', network) and "антенна" (antenna)
Spanish Don Conexión Mr. Connection