Petal Isles

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Petal Isles
A map of the Petal Isles
Game Super Mario Bros. Wonder
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The Petal Isles are a small archipelago in the center of the Flower Kingdom in Super Mario Bros. Wonder, comprising many islands of different colors and climates. Castle Bowser hovers over the center of the isles. The Petal Isles serve as a hub world connected to the six numbered worlds of the game that surround them, and the isles feature their own levels, including underwater and underground ones.

The Wonder Flowers and Wonder Seeds in this world are colored orange, a color palette shared with common Poplins. There is a total of 34 Wonder Seeds and one Royal Seed to collect here. It is the only standard world to not feature a Break Time! level.


The Petal Isles contain 20 levels, a Poplin house, and two Poplin Shops.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese フラワー諸島しょとう
Furawā Shotō
Flower Archipelago

Chinese (simplified) 花花群岛
Huāhuā Qúndǎo
Flower Isles

Chinese (traditional) 花花群島
Huāhuā Qúndǎo
Flower Isles

Dutch Tulpenkust
Tulip coast
French Îles florales
Floral Islands
German Blüteninseln
Flower Islands
Italian Arcipelago dei Fiori
Archipelago of Flowers
Korean 플라워 제도[1]
Peullawo Jedo
Flower Archipelago

Portuguese Arquipélago Florido
Flowery Archipelago
Russian Цветочные острова
Tsvetochnyye ostrova
Floral islands

Spanish Archipiélago Pétalo
Petal Archipelago