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First appearance Super Mario Bros. Wonder (2023)

Rrrumbas are bumblebee-like enemies with giant breakable rock shells that appear in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. Their name is derived from "rumble" (a reference to the sound a rolling boulder makes) and "Goomba". They walk around until they notice the player, walk down a slope, or fall down a ledge; at which point they start rolling, gaining speed if they are on sloped surfaces. A simple stomp on this enemy will make them roll once again, so the player is reserved to ground pound or jump at them from below in Drill form in order to defeat them, breaking its shell. Sparkling Rrrumbas have items inside that can only be obtained once defeated. They only appear in a level using their own name, Where the Rrrumbas Rule, where the Wonder Flower is restored inside one of the sparkling Rrrumbas.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ゴロボー
Portmanteau of「ごろごろ」(gorogoro, onomatopoeia for rolling) and「坊」(, "guy" in an affectionate way), and/or possibly「ボルダー」(borudā, boulder); shared with Mrs. Thwomp
Chinese 滚宝宝
Gǔn Bǎobǎo
Rolling Goomba
French Roulard From "rouler" (to roll) and "-ard" (French diminutive/pejorative/noun-forming suffix)
German Rotumba Portmanteau of "rotieren" (rotate) and "Gumba" (Goomba)
Italian Rotoloomba Portmanteau of "rotolare" (roll) and "Goomba"
Korean 굴러바
Portmanteau of "굴러가다" (gulleogada, to roll) and "Goomba"
Portuguese Roquenroda A homophonic pun between "rock 'n' roll" (in a Portuguese reading) and "roda" (wheel)
Russian Катых
From "катиться" (katit'sya, to roll) and "катышек" (katyshek, lint/pill) without diminutive suffix
Spanish Rocanrodo Portmanteau of "roca" (rock) and "rodar" (to roll, in a masculine form); it's also a pun on "rock 'n' roll"