Prince Florian

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Prince Florian
Artwork of Prince Florian from Super Mario Bros. Wonder
Species Caterpillar[1]
First appearance Super Mario Bros. Wonder (2023)
Latest appearance Tetris 99 (38th Maximus Cup, cameo) (2023)
Portrayed by Caitlyn Elizabeth[2]
“You'll help us? Thank you! I'd like to be your guide, if you don't mind. Let me just...”
Prince Florian, Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Prince Florian is the Wiggler-like ruler of the Flower Kingdom, having Poplins and the Talking Flowers as his main subjects. He is Mario and co.'s main ally in Super Mario Bros. Wonder and assists them by equipping badges on top of his crown. After Bowser merges with the Flower Castle, imprisons his subjects, and takes over his kingdom, Florian joins the adventure. He is seen in-game on the shoulders of the character picked as Player 1 when they stand still. In local co-op, Prince Florian rides on the shoulder of the character with the crown.[3]

His name comes from the German male given name "Florian", derived from the Latin words "florens" (blossoming) or "flos" (flower).


  • Trading card bio: This friendly and determined prince joins Mario and friends on their journey to save the Flower Kingdom from Bowser.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese フロリアン王子おうじ
Furorian Ōji
Prince Florian

Chinese 花洛里安王子
Huāluòlǐ'ān Wángzǐ
Derived from the Japanese name and「花」(huā, flower)

Dutch Prins Florian
Prince Florian
French Prince Florian
Prince Florian
German Prinz Florian
Prince Florian
Italian Principe Florian
Prince Florian
Korean 플로리안왕자[4]
Peullorian Wangja
Prince Florian

Polish Książę Florian
Prince Florian
Portuguese Príncipe Florian
Prince Florian
Russian Принц Флориан
Prints Florian
Prince Florian

Spanish Príncipe Florian
Prince Florian