Master Poplin

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Master Poplin
Master Poplin in Super Mario Bros. Wonder
Species Poplin
First appearance Super Mario Bros. Wonder (2023)
Portrayed by Christine Marie Cabanos
Master Poplin, Super Mario Bros. Wonder

The Master Poplin is a character in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. He is a yellow Poplin who lives in Shining Falls. When Mario and his friends arrive to Shining Falls and enter his house, the Master Poplin tasks them with completing his trials. After the player completes a trial, he appears to congratulate them. He also appears at the beginning of the level The Final Trial: Zip Track Dash. Upon completing his trials, Mario and company enter the Royal Seed Mansion to receive Shining Falls' Royal Seed from the Master Poplin, before heading to either Sunbaked Desert, Fungi Mines, or Deep Magma Bog. If the player returns to the Royal Seed Mansion after obtaining the Royal Seed, Master Poplin will open a path to Shining Falls Special Triple Threat Deluge in the Special World.

The Master Poplin also appears in the cutscene after Bowser's defeat, celebrating the victory of Mario's group with the Angler Poplin, the Loyal Poplin, and other Poplins.

When entering a level with the Invisibility badge, playable characters will perform a flip before becoming invisible that greatly resembles the Master Poplin's animation before he disappears. Additionally, if the player returns to the Royal Seed Mansion after the Master Poplin opens the path to the Special World, he will mention the Invisibility badge by name.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ポプリン師匠
Master Poplin
Chinese (Simplified) 苞普林师父
Bāopǔlín Shīfù
Master Poplin
Chinese (Traditional) 苞普林師父
Bāopǔlín Shīfù
Master Poplin
Dutch Professor Poplin -
French Maître Poplin Master Poplin
German Meister Poplin Master Poplin
Italian Poplin maestro Master/Teacher Poplin
Korean 포플린사부
Popeullin Sabu
Master Poplin
Portuguese Mestre Poplin Master Poplin
Russian Поплин-сэнсэй
Poplin Sensei
Spanish Maestro Poplin Master Poplin