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Not to be confused with Spoing or Sproing-Oing.
First appearance Super Mario Bros. Wonder (2023)

Sproings are yellow-capped acorn-like enemies that first appear in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. When the player gets near, they will stretch upward, with a vine-like coil connecting their head and body. This makes their hitbox much taller, requiring a higher jump to pass over or defeat them. They appear prominently in a course with their own name, Sproings in the Twilight Forest. This course's Wonder Flower is found after defeating a specific Sproing, and its Wonder Effect reflects their behavior by allowing the player to stretch upward and contract downward at will.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ビヨン
Comes from「ビヨーン」(biyōn, onomatopoeia for bouncing)
Chinese 伸缩怪
Shēnsuō Guài
Stretching Monster
French Extenso From "extensible" or possibly the Latin phrase "in extenso"
German Elastis From "elastisch" (elastic)
Italian Estenzio From "estendersi" (to stretch) and the noun/adjective-forming suffix "-io"
Korean 쭈욱들
From "쭈욱" (jju'uk, stretching)
Portuguese (NOA) Molatóin From "mola" (spring) and "tóin" (onomatopoeia for a sudden springing)
Portuguese (NOE) Molatoing From "mola" (spring) and "toing" (onomatopoeia for a sudden springing)
Spanish Bellotoing Portmanteau of "bellota" (acorn) and the onomatopoeia "boing"