Hot-Hot Rock

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Hot-Hot Rock
First appearance Super Mario Bros. Wonder (2023)

Hot-Hot Rocks are sentient stone blocks in Super Mario Bros. Wonder that occasionally emit magma that damage the player when touched. They appear prominently in the course Hot-Hot Hot!, and can be extinguished either with a spray of water from Elephant Mario or a pot of water.

They are also featured in a Break Time! course of the same name, Break Time! Hot-Hot Rocks, and in the final level of the game, The Final-Final Test Badge Marathon, during the Grappling Vine badge section.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アチアチ石
Achi-achi Ishi
Hot-hot Stone
Chinese 滚烫石
Gǔntàng Shí
Scalding Rock
French Pavé rôti Roast cobblestone
Italian Blocco rovente (small variant)
Pietre roventi (big variant)
Hot block
Hot stone/rock
Korean 아뜨뜨바위
Atteutteu Bawi
Hot-hot Rock
Portuguese Pedra lávica Lava stone
Spanish (NOA) Roca candente Hot rock
Spanish (NOE) Roca Candente Hot Rock