Blue block (Wario Land 4)

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“The blue block’s a real pain!! A Dash Attack or a Super Smash Attack will take care of it, but Fat Wario can do it with just a jump!”
Wario, Wario Land 4 instruction manual
Sprites of a blue block from Wario Land 4

Blue blocks[1][2] are obstacles that appear in Wario Land 4. They are stronger than brown blocks and can only be broken by a Super Smash Attack or a powered-up Dash Attack. They may also be broken by jumping while in the Fat Wario transformation or when Wario jumps and hits it from below while in the Bouncy Wario transformation. Some blue blocks may reveal Bronze Coins upon being destroyed. Unlike ordinary blocks, blue blocks can't be broken in succession. Blue blocks often need to be broken to progress in a level, or to reveal a Diamond.


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