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The Emerald Passage

The Emerald Passage is the second of the five passages surrounding the Golden Pyramid in the Game Boy Advance game Wario Land 4. It is the simplest of all main Passages (the others being the Ruby Passage, the Sapphire Passage, and the Topaz Passage).

This passage has a nature theme to it, with all of its levels featuring botanical elements like as a swampy lake or a thick jungle in the monsoon season. The boss of the passage, Cractus, is a giant monstrous potted plant.

As in all Passages, Wario needs to collect four jewel pieces to make a jewel, plus a Keyzer in each level in order to move on to the next one.


The following table displays the five levels found in the Emerald Passage, with their name, icon and description.

Image Name Description
Palm Tree Paradise map icon from Wario Land 4. Palm Tree Paradise The first level of the Emerald Passage is very straightforward and of extremely low difficulty. It takes place on a tropical setting with lots of palm trees. Marumen and Spear-Masks in low numbers patrol the grounds of this level. The level's path has no alternate routes for the player to take. The switch is at the end, and the player must go back the way they came to reach the vortex. The level's theme is a shortened version of the Karaoke soundtrack.
Wildflower Fields map icon from Wario Land 4. Wildflower Fields The level Wildflower Fields takes place in a sunny field blossoming with wild flora. Throughout the stage, there are many flowers that are pollinated by Beezleys, which will swell and release coins. The Beezleys can also sting Wario and transform him into Puffy Wario, which will enable him to reach greater heights in the level. A lot of the level's structure is made up of giant sunflowers, which are hollow so Wario is able to pass through them.
Mystic Lake map icon from Wario Land 4. Mystic Lake The Mystic Lake is a location of great beauty, with lush grasses and cool lakes. A large part of the level is underwater, where Wario must swim most of the way. The waters are abundant in Goggley-Blades and Utsuboankō, which harm Wario. In the mid-way point of the level, a Togenobi guards the Keyzer, which is essential for progressing to the next level. After hitting the switch, the upper part of the level is unlocked, which mainly consists of blocks and falling boulders.
Monsoon Jungle map icon from Wario Land 4. Monsoon Jungle The Monsoon Jungle takes place in a swampy setting with lots of water. The water is vastly infested with Tobawani, which will snap at Wario if he swims nearby. Swinging Platforms are in abundance above the water, in order to allow Wario to safely cross without harm from the Tobawani. However, the swing is often difficult to time, and the player may often find themselves falling in the water. After hitting the switch, Wario will gain access to the underground area of the level, where he will make his final progress through the level.
Cractus map icon from Wario Land 4. Cractus (boss) The boss of the Emerald Passage is Cractus, a possessed venus flytrap with a huge head that can skewer Wario with its claws and drool a poisonous liquid on him, turning Wario into Zombie Wario. Wario can cause it damage by ground pounding its head. After taking a certain amount of damage, Cractus will stand upright making it harder for Wario to inflict damage on the creature. He will then have to climb a vine above the plant. Defeating Cractus restores the Crown to the Golden Pyramid.

CDs found[edit]

There are four CDs found in the Emerald Passage, one in each level. Once collected, the track can be played in the Sound Room.

Image Name Sound Description
Sound Room - About That Shepherd About That Shepherd The wind is blowing and several dogs are barking. The baas of sheep are also heard. As the CD plays for longer, the barking gets faster and faster, and then begins to slow down. The track ends with the dogs whimpering.
Sound Room - Things That Never Change Things That Never Change Raindrops and frog croaks can be heard at the beginning. Crickets, birds and owls come in later. The "Things That Never Change" tells the story of how many things on our planet change, but the beauty of nature stays the same.
Sound Room - Tomorrow's Blood Pressure Tomorrow's Blood Pressure Several mechanical sounds introduce this CD. Wheels are turning, and electricity is flowing. It is a very stress-filled CD. A lot of the sound effects heard are from the level The Curious Factory.
Sound Room - Beyond the Headrush Beyond the Headrush Loud, confusing sound effects gives the listener the impression that a lot is happening at once, very quickly. Mysterious, Castle-like themes follow. The wind can be heard in the background.


Audio.svg Emerald Passage - Palm Tree Paradise
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Audio.svg Emerald Passage - Wildflower Fields
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Audio.svg Emerald Passage - Mystic Lake
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Audio.svg Emerald Passage - Monsoon Jungle
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Audio.svg Emerald Passage - Music heard in the battle against Cractus
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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese みどりのつうろ
Midori no Tsūro
Green Passage

Chinese 绿宝石通道[2]
Lǜbǎoshí Tōngdào
Green Gemstone Passage

Italian Passaggio smeraldo
Emerald passage
Spanish Pasaje Esmeralda[1]
Emerald Passage


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