Black Dragon

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Black Dragon
Black Dragon
The Black Dragon
A fearsome black dragon with a large jaw.
First appearance Wario Land 4 (2001)

The Black Dragon is one of the nine items that Wario can purchase from the Item Shop in Wario Land 4. The shop owner sells Wario these items to assist him in defeating a challenging boss by doing pre-damage at the battle's start. It costs ten medals to purchase in Normal difficulty, fifteen in Hard difficulty, and twenty in S-Hard difficulty. When purchased, the shop owner will follow Wario into the boss room. She will then transform into a black dragon, which then breathes fire on the boss. After the damage has been dealt, the shop owner exits the room, leaving Wario to fight a greatly weakened boss. The damage varies depending on the boss, but it is most effective against Cractus, dealing 10 damage.


Black Dragon damage per boss
Spoiled Rotten N/A Cractus 10 Cuckoo Condor 7
Aerodent 9 Catbat 8 Golden Diva 7


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クロいドラゴン[1]
Kuroi doragon
Black Dragon

Chinese (simplified) 黑龙
Hēi Lóng
Black Dragon


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