Crescent Moon Village

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Crescent Moon Village
Wario in the level Crescent Moon Village.
Level code 5-1
Game Wario Land 4
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Crescent Moon Village map icon from Wario Land 4.
Crescent Moon Village
Map of the level

Crescent Moon Village is the first level of the Sapphire Passage in the Game Boy Advance game Wario Land 4. It is a small village set in the middle of the night with a large, crescent moon in the background and lots of lamp posts. It includes zombie and ghostly enemies, such as the ghost, who steals the coins that either Wario or defeated enemies drop. The ghost also kidnaps Keyzer - the creature that unlocks the next level. It will then lock all doors in the area, forcing the player to rescue Keyzer in order to leave. Dividing the alleys where the ghost lurks are large, empty, buildings filled with Men'ono, Minicula, and Skeleton Birds, the latter of which make progression difficult by forcing the player to fall through platforms.

The level focuses on two transformations; Zombie Wario, inflicted by the Skeleton Birds' projectile attacks, and Bat Wario, given by Minicula. While the Bat form is required to reach a door and Keyzer, the Zombie form is merely used for a few secrets, and the plentiful lamps and spotlights allow Wario to return to normal. This level's CD is called Yesterday's Words and once collected, it can be played in the Sound Room.

Time given in different modes[edit]

The time given to escape the level after hitting the switch varies between game modes.

  • Normal Mode game sprite: the time given is 3:30.
  • Hard Mode game sprite: the time given is 2:45.
  • S-Hard Mode game sprite (unlockable): the time given is 2:00.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese みかづきのゴーストタウン
Mikazuki no Gōsuto Taun
Crescent Moon Ghost Town
Chinese 新月小镇[1]
Xīnyuè Xiǎozhèn
Crescent Townlet


Audio.svg Crescent Moon Village - Level theme
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  • This level's music is briefly played in the ending cutscene in WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$!, during the section when Mona gets annoyed with Wario and chases him. Sound effects from Wario Land 4 are also played during this time.


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