Mystic Lake

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Mystic Lake
Transparent Kaeru Blocks
Level code 2-3
Game Wario Land 4
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Mystic Lake map icon from Wario Land 4.
Mystic Lake
Map of the level

Mystic Lake is the third level of the Emerald Passage in the Game Boy Advance game Wario Land 4. Like all levels in the Passage, the level is nature themed. It is a location with lush grass and cool lakes. During most of the level, Wario is under water, collecting jewel pieces and avoiding enemies such as Goggley-Blades and Utsuboankōs. At the very end of the level, there is a giant octopus called Togenobi. Togenobi guards the Keyzer, which is vital to be collected since it grants access to the next level. Once the switch is hit, the Kaeru Blocks that form stairs (refer to picture) will go from transparent to solid, which will allow Wario to progress to the upper-half of the level, which is mostly made up of blocks and falling giant chestnuts. This level's CD is called Tomorrow's Blood Pressure and once collected, it can be played in the Sound Room.

Time given in different modes[edit]

The time given to escape the level after hitting the switch varies between game modes.

  • Normal Mode game sprite: the time given is 3:00.
  • Hard Mode game sprite: the time given is 2:00.
  • S-Hard Mode game sprite (unlockable): the time given is 1:30.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese なぞのちていこ
Nazo no Chiteiko
Enigmatic Underground Lake

Chinese 神秘湖[1]
Shénmì Hú
Mystic Lake


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