Hotel Horror

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Hotel Horror
Wario encounters three Men'ono in Hotel Horror from Wario Land 4
Level code 5-4
Game Wario Land 4
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Hotel Horror is the fourth level of the Sapphire Passage in Wario Land 4. This stage is based on an old run-down hotel with a lot of numbered rooms that are either opened or locked. A map of the hotel can be found on each of the four floors. It also has an emergency staircase outside. Wario must find his way through this labyrinth of a hotel and find the four jewel pieces and the Keyzer. Some doors are locked and have a frog sign on it. These kinds of doors will unlock once Wario hits the switch. The enemies here include Men'ono, Minicula, and Skeleton Birds. This level's CD is called Mr. Ether & Planaria and once collected, it can be played in the Sound Room.

The time given to escape the level after hitting the switch varies between game modes, including 4:00 in Normal mode, 3:15 in Hard, and 2:00 in S-Hard.

Level map[edit]

Hotel Horror



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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ホラーマンション
Horā Manshon
Horror Mansion

Chinese (simplified) 恐怖宾馆[1]
Kǒngbù Bīnguǎn
Horror Hotel



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