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Pin enemy
Tack Soldier Sprite.png
First appearance Wario Land 4 (2001)
Pin enemy
A pin enemy in the battle against Aerodent

Pin enemies[1] are enemies that appear in Wario Land 4, assisting the boss Aerodent in battling Wario. They are gray, thumbtack shaped enemies with spikes for bottoms. They wear green soldier hats and parachutes. During the battle, Aerodent will throw down pin enemies in an attempt to harm Wario. Wario must jump on the pin enemy's head to knock them to the ground. Wario can then throw them upwards at Aerodent's balloon to deflate it. If left alone, the pin enemies will hit the ground, and then bounce very high several times. The pin will harm Wario if he makes contact.


  1. ^ While they are not given names beyond the generic word for enemy, "teki" 「敵」, page 104 of the Wario Land 4 official Shogakukan Japanese game guide also uses the word "hari" 「針」 (meaning "pin" or "needle") when discussing the enemy's spiked bottom. The conjectural title "pin enemy" is derived from both these terms.