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Togenobi head WL4.png
First appearance Wario Land 4 (2001)
Togenobi as it appears in the game.

Togenobi (トゲノビ[1]) is an octopus enemy that appears in Wario Land 4. It only appears in Mystic Lake. Togenobi has four rotating tentacles holding maces that can hurt Wario if he touches them. It seems to be living in a shell, just like a hermit crab. Wario cannot defeat it, so he must dodge it; touching any part of it will make him lose one Heart point. In Normal mode, only one Togenobi appears, while two are found in the Hard and S-Hard modes. The Togenobi appearing in all modes is only reachable after Wario has pressed the switch. It tries to stop Wario from getting the Keyzer by attacking him with its threatening tentacles.


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