Chomp ball

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This article is about the object in Wario Land 4. For other uses, see Pinball.
Chomp ball
Sprite of a Chomp ball from Wario Land 4
A ball resembling a Chain Chomp's head.
First appearance Wario Land 4 (2001)
Wario about to throw a Chomp ball into a pinball tulip, with a pinball digital counter nearby

A Chomp ball,[1] also known as a pinball,[2] is an object in Wario Land 4. Chomp balls resemble a Chain Chomp's head, and they appear only in the level Pinball Zone in groups of four across six different rooms. In order to make progress, Wario must throw each Chomp ball into one of four pinball tulips. Doing so clears the pinball digital counter and allows the player to move on to the next room.

As the level progresses, the Chomp balls become more out of reach, such as resting on top of high platforms. Wario must occasionally use Chomp balls to break open walls, or use a Smash Attack to roll them into the open pinball tulips. As the game mode becomes more difficult, the player must also avoid more electric sparks while carrying the Chomp balls to the tulips.