Jewel piece

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Jewel piece
Sprites of a jewel piece from Wario Land 4
A jewel piece within its box, showing the head of the Golden Diva.
First appearance Wario Land 4 (2001)
Screenshot of the status screen showing Keyzer and jewel pieces collected so far, in Wario Land 4
Status screen showing three jewel pieces collected. They show as colored once Wario completes the stage.

A jewel piece,[1][2] also referred to as a Gem Piece,[3][4] is a collectable object in Wario Land 4. Four jewel pieces can be found in each level inside a jewel piece box,[5] with a Gold Coin worth 500 points. The boxes have an image of the Golden Diva on the front. When four jewel pieces are joined together, they create a complete jewel. The player does not need to find all the jewel pieces to go on to the next level, but they do need to find them all in order to battle the boss found at the end of the passage.

The jewel pieces collected in a level can be viewed on the pause screen by pressing Start Button. Once the player finds a jewel piece and completes the level, that jewel piece cannot be collected again. However, the box can still be opened to collect the Gold Coin. The location of the jewel piece box varies depending on the game mode the player has selected.

The color of the jewel piece depends on the passage Wario is in.

Four purple jewel pieces appear in the Hall of Hieroglyphs, and four golden jewel pieces appear in the Golden Passage.

When Wario Land 4 was in development, Wario originally needed a key to unlock the four boxes (much like in Wario Land 3) to gain the four jewel pieces. In the final game, Wario merely has to touch the box in order to open it. Besides the Keyzer, no other type of key is seen in the game.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 宝石のかけら[6]
Hōseki no kakera
Jewel fragment

Chinese (simplified) 宝石碎片[7]
Bǎoshí Suìpiàn
Jewel Fragment

French morceau de joyau[10]
jewel piece
German Juwelenteil[11]
Jewel part
Italian pezzo di gioiello[12]
Jewel piece
Spanish joya[8]
Fragmento de Joya[9]
Jewel Fragment


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