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Game Bots in the Mini-Game Shop
The Mini-Game Shop, with the three different Game Bots
Mini-Game Shop icon

The Mini-Game Shop (originally called the Game Corner during development) is a place in the Game Boy Advance game Wario Land 4. It appears to be in Outer Space, as the Game Bots of the store are standing on a moon-like landscape.

Wario can play one of three minigames. If Wario gets a certain amount of points in each of the mini-games, he can earn medals, which he can then spend at the Item Shop for items to assist him to defeat the boss of that passage. Each mini-game costs 5000 points to play (discounted to 2000 until Wario completes Entry Passage). Points are earned during normal gameplay.


There are three mini-games:


Audio.svg Mini-Game Shop - Music heard in the Mini-Game Shop
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Audio.svg Mini-Game Shop - The Wario Hop soundtrack
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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ミンゲームやさん[citation needed]
Mini Gēmu Yasan
Mini-Game Shop
Chinese 迷你游戏商店[1]
Mínǐ Yóuxì Shāngdiàn
Mini-Game Shop
Italian Negozio Minigiochi Minigame Shop
Spanish Tienda de minijuegos[2] Minigame store


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