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Game Bots in the Mini-Game Shop
The three Game Bots in the Mini-Game Shop
“Want to play some more?”
Game Bot, Wario Land 4

The Game Bots are arcade machine-like robots that run the Mini-Game Shop in Wario Land 4. They allow Wario to play mini-games at the shop for a chance to win some medals. There are three different colored Game Bots, each hosting a different mini-game. The currency used in the Mini-Game Shop is points that Wario obtains in levels. Normally, the price for playing a mini-game is 5000 points, but until Wario completes the Entry Passage, the cost is discounted to 2000 points. If Wario gets a decent score in any of the three mini-games, he will be awarded medals, which can then be spent at the Item Shop. All items from the Item Shop can be purchased to assist Wario in defeating a boss.

The following table displays which of the three mini-games each Game Bot hosts, along with the nature of that Game Bot.

Image Name Description

Blue Game Bot Blue Game Bot The Blue Game Bot runs the mini-game Wario's Homerun Derby. When selected, it will bring out a pair of baseball bats, and will then start to juggle two baseballs up in the air. The symbol on the Bot's screen is the shape of a baseball pitch, similar to the one found in the mini-game.
Red Game Bot Red Game Bot The Red Game Bot is in charge of The Wario Hop. When the cursor selects this Bot, it will immediately begin jumping up and down excitedly. Speakers will appear on its sides, and white musical notes will appear above the speakers. The symbol on the Bot's screen is also a musical note. The music theme reflects the funky tunes and sound effects of The Wario Hop.
Yellow Game Bot Yellow Game Bot The Yellow Game Bot owns the mini-game Wario's Roulette. When selected, the Bot's screen will divide into three different colored sections. With the scrolling movement similar to a pokies machine, the pictures will change while showing different sets of eyes, nose and a mouth.


Audio.svg Game Bot - Music heard in the Mini-Game Shop
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