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Shop owner
Artwork of the shop owner from Wario Land 4
Artwork of the shop owner.
First appearance Wario Land 4 (2001)
“Here's a smile for you!”
Shop owner, Wario Land 4

The shop owner[1] is a character in Wario Land 4. It is the keeper of the Item Shop, where the shop owner sells items to Wario that can assist him in defeating bosses. When an item is purchased, the shop owner follows Wario to the boss room. There, they use the purchased item against the boss. For some items, the shop owner even transforms into various creatures to inflict damage. The shop owner highly resembles Mr. Game & Watch and has been described as a "strange little dude".[2] Their true identity is Princess Shokora, who takes the form of a black cat due to a curse set on her by the Golden Diva.

The shop owner also appears in Super Mario-kun. Unlike in the game, they lack a nose. They use the Large Lips move to help Wario defeat Aerodent.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アイテム店長[3]
Aitemu Shoppu no tenchō
Item Shop's manager


  • When an item is used against the final boss Golden Diva, instead of the shop owner leaving the room after the item has been used, they stay and transform into the black cat, which then confronts the Golden Diva. The black cat still appears if Wario does not purchase an item, but comes in later after Wario.


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