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Pink area in Palm Tree Paradise
The first pink area, in Palm Tree Paradise. Here, Wario must throw Arewo Shitain-hakase to hit the "!" Button and activate a set of stairs.
“In each level, hop through a pipe to reach a pink-tinted area with valuables. Figuring out how to reach said valuables can be quite the challenge.”
Official North American Wario Land 4 website

Pink areas[1] are found in Wario Land 4. They are rooms where Wario can collect a Diamond, a Full Health Item or a combination of around 1,000 points, if the player solves a puzzle before-hand. Pink areas are found in purple pipes, with two in each level (not including the Entry Passage and the Golden Passage, while Pinball Zone has three). The puzzles vary in difficulty, depending on how far Wario has progressed in the game. For each puzzle, the player must work out a way to obtain the reward using a combination of moves and game mechanics.

Solving these rooms is optional and not necessary to complete the main game, but rather if the player wants to gain extra points or replenish their Heart Meter. A specific soundtrack plays every time Wario enters a pink area. The Sound Room record "Soft Shell" is a remix of the pink area soundtrack.


Emerald Passage[edit]

Ruby Passage[edit]

Topaz Passage[edit]

Sapphire Passage[edit]


Audio.svg Pink area - Music heard in a pink area
File infoMedia:WL4-Puzzle Room.oga
Audio.svg Soft Shell - Soft Shell sounds very similar to the pink area soundtrack
File infoMedia:WL4-Soft Shell.oga
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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ムラサキ土管ステージ[2]
Murasaki Dokan Sutēji
Purple Pipe/Warp Pipe Stage