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The Ruby Passage

The Ruby Passage is the third of six passages in the Game Boy Advance game Wario Land 4. It is set in the Golden Pyramid, a large, labyrinth of a pyramid that Wario must make his way through to defeat the Golden Diva and rescue Princess Shokora. In the Ruby Passage, there are four stages that each contain a mechanical and machinery theme, featuring robot-like enemies, such as Togerobo. The boss of the passage is known as Cuckoo Condor, a ghost-like bird creature who takes the appearance of a large cuckoo clock. The jewel pieces in this passage appear as a Ruby, and the CDs are a red color. Other passages include the Entry Passage, Emerald Passage, Topaz Passage, Sapphire Passage and the Golden Pyramid.


The following table displays the five levels found in the Ruby Passage, with their name, icon and description.

Image Name Description
The Curious Factory map icon from Wario Land 4. The Curious Factory The Curious Factory is a level full of machinery; such as conveyor belts, pistons and Decompressors (which will transform Wario into Flat Wario and back again). Flat Wario can be used to enter tiny places. Togerobo make their unique appearance in this level, being a strange creature that has a spiked ball for a head. Kaentsubos also make their first appearance here. Hitting the switch will open up the underground area of this level, which is much more challenging than the overworld, because of the abundance of rotating platforms that Wario will have to cross.
The Toxic Landfill map icon from Wario Land 4. The Toxic Landfill The Toxic Landfill is a filthy, polluted level that is mainly made up of toxic water and garbage that take the shape of blocks, which Wario must ram to destroy and make a path. Bow Balloons and Ringosukī are the main enemies that appear in this level. The arrows of the Bow Balloon will transform Wario into Puffy Wario, and the Apples of the Ringosukī will transform him into Fat Wario. Both transformations are crucial for progressing in the level. After hitting the switch, Wario must make his way through the underground part of the level to reach the vortex.
40 Below Fridge map icon from Wario Land 4. 40 Below Fridge The level 40 Below Fridge, as the name suggests, takes place in a very cold fridge. The level is mainly made up of ice. The snow creature Yeti are in abundance in this level. They have the ability to transform Wario into Frozen Wario by sneezing on him. Falling Snow from the ceiling transforms him into Snowman Wario if they land on him. In this form, if Wario walks on a 45° platform, he will start rolling into a snowball and he will be able to break Snowman Blocks.
Pinball Zone map icon from Wario Land 4. Pinball Zone The Pinball Zone is a funky, colorful and noisy level with many things going on at once. It takes place inside a pinball machine, where the main focus is throwing pinballs into slots to break the Pinball Block, which will allow access to the next room. This is the only level to feature the Spike Cannons, which is an undefeatable enemy that shoots spikes at Wario. The level's background displays a new theme in every room. The themes vary from forests, robots, dragons, etc.
Cuckoo Condor map icon from Wario Land 4. Cuckoo Condor (boss) The boss of the Ruby Passage is Cuckoo Condor. He is what appears to be a giant cuckoo clock. He can grab Wario and shoot gears and electricity at him. After taking a fair amount of damage, the cuckoo clock falls apart, revealing a giant bird, presumably a condor, underneath. In this form, Cuckoo Condor can lay eggs that hatch into self-destructing chicks to damage Wario. Wario can counter this attack by catching and throwing the eggs at the Condor's head. Defeating Cuckoo Condor restores the Earrings to the Golden Pyramid.

CDs found[edit]

There are four CDs hidden in the Ruby Passage, one in each level. Once collected, the track can be played in the Sound Room.

Image Name Sound Description
Sound Room - Driftwood & the Island Dog Driftwood & the Island Dog A beach feel introduces this CD. Waves are crashing as seagulls caw and a dog barks. An instrument can be heard playing very short notes in a loop, repeating until the end of the track.
Sound Room - The Judge's Feet The Judge's Feet A glass ball is bouncing on a hard surface, making a ping sound every time it hits the ground. The gap between bounces becomes smaller. More and more balls start bouncing, hitting the ground at different times. They each make a different pitched sound. Drums come into play later on.
Sound Room - The Moon's Lamppost The Moon's Lamppost A distorted version of the Karaoke (aka Palm Tree Paradise's theme) consists of this whole CD. The female vocals can be heard, as with the normal Karaoke, but the voice is stop-started on rapid intervals, and even played backwards in places.
Sound Room -Soft Shell Soft Shell This CD is a remix of the pink area theme. Extra sound effects fill the gaps in the theme, such as animal sounds from The Wario Hop, a creature that sounds like Pikachu, and a train.


Audio.svg Ruby Passage - The Curious Factory
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Audio.svg Ruby Passage - The Toxic Landfill
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Audio.svg Ruby Passage - 40 Below Fridge
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Audio.svg Ruby Passage - Pinball Zone
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Audio.svg Ruby Passage - Music heard in the battle against Cuckoo Condor
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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese あかのつうろ
Aka no Tsūro
Red Passage
Chinese 红宝石通道[1]
Hóngbǎoshí Tōngdào
Red Gemstone Passage
Italian Passaggio rubino Ruby passage
Spanish Pasaje Rubí[2] Ruby Passage


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