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The Entry Passage

The Entry Passage is the first area (or passage) of the Game Boy Advance game Wario Land 4. It only has one stage, and is actually only a tutorial level called Hall of Hieroglyphs. This level, as the name suggests, has many hieroglyphs on the walls that teach Wario how to use all of his moves such as ground pounds and rams. The figure in the hieroglyphs is the shop owner. This passage's boss is Spoiled Rotten, and two Eggplant Warrior accompanying it. This is the first of two passages that does not have more than one level in it; the other being the Golden Pyramid. The boss door needs only one jewel to grant Wario access to the boss.


The following table displays the two levels found in the Entry Passage, with their name, icon and description.

Image Name Description
Hall of Hieroglyphs map icon from Wario Land 4. Hall of Hieroglyphs The very first level in the game. It consists of a very basic layout, with hieroglyphs of the shop owner on the walls that teach Wario his basic moves. Simple enemies like Marumen and Spear-Masks appear in this level. In the Normal and Hard game modes, the switch is right at the end of the level (thus making it far easier to reach the vortex in time). However, in S-Hard mode, the Switch is found near the beginning.
Spoiled Rotten map icon from Wario Land 4. Spoiled Rotten (boss) The boss of the Entry Passage is Spoiled Rotten, a youthful eggplant-like creature. Two Eggplant Warriors appear as bodyguards at the beginning of the fight, which behave exactly like Totsumen and can be defeated the same way. Spoiled Rotten is initially defenseless, but after being rammed a few times, it will throw a tantrum and turn savage, bearing teeth that harm Wario on contact. Only ram attacks from behind will work from then on. Defeating Spoiled Rotten will grant access to the four main Passages.


Audio.svg Entry Passage - Hall of Hieroglyphs
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Audio.svg Entry Passage - Music heard in the battle against Spoiled Rotten
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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese さいしょのつうろ
Saisho no Tsūro
First Passage
Chinese 入口通道[1]
Rùkǒu Tōngdào
Entry Passage
Italian Entrata Entry
Spanish Pasaje de entrada[2] Entry passage


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