Large Lips

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Large Lips
Large Lips
The Large Lips
A large set of lips replacing the head of the shop owner.
First appearance Wario Land 4 (2001)
Not to be confused with lips.

The Large Lips are one of the nine items that can be purchased from the Item Shop in Wario Land 4. The Large Lips can be bought from the shop owner for ten medals in Normal difficulty, fifteen in Hard difficulty, and twenty medals in S-Hard difficulty. All items from the Item Shop are there to assist Wario in defeating a challenging boss by doing pre-damage at the battle's beginning. When purchased, the shop owner will follow Wario to the boss room. Her head will then transform and be replaced with a large pair of lips, which will then kiss the boss. The shop owner will then transform back into her old self and then exit the room, leaving Wario to fight a weakened Boss. Damage varies depending on the boss, but it is most effective against Aerodent, dealing 14 damage.

Large Lips also appears in volume 28 of Super Mario-Kun. The shop owner uses this move against Aerodent, massively damaging it, just as in the game.


Large Lips damage per boss
Spoiled Rotten N/A Cractus 9 Cuckoo Condor 8
Aerodent 14 Catbat 7 Golden Diva 5


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese おっきい クチびる[1]
Okkii kuchibiru
Large Lips

Chinese (simplified) 大嘴唇
Dà Zuǐchún
Big Lips


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