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The Topaz Passage

The Topaz Passage is a location in Wario Land 4. It is one of six passages in the Golden Pyramid. All levels in the Topaz Passage are toy-related, such as toy blocks or dominoes. The boss is Aerodent, a mouse-like ghost on a giant inflatable teddy bear balloon throwing needle-like enemies and spitting fire that transforms Wario into Flaming Wario. The jewel pieces in this Passage appear as a Topaz, and the CDs are yellow. Other Passages in the game include Entry Passage, Emerald Passage, Ruby Passage, Sapphire Passage and the Golden Pyramid.


The following table displays the five levels found in the Topaz Passage, with their name, icon and description.

Image Name Description

Toy Block Tower map icon from Wario Land 4. Toy Block Tower The first level of the Topaz Passage takes place in a toy castle, with lots of toy blocks throughout the level. Several unique items appear in this level. There is the triangle block (which Wario must throw into the slot on a Toy Block Door to open the door), and the round red rock; which Wario can ram to move along the ground and use as an object to stand on. The Pig Head Statue is also unique to this level. It is a pig head that is fixed to a wall in the background. It spits out fire which flares up on the ground below, transforming Wario into Flaming Wario if he come into contact with it.
The Big Board map icon from Wario Land 4. The Big Board The Big Board is the only level to feature the chance wheel, which is an object with a rotating number counter that Wario can stop by hitting the blue button below the block. When it stops on a certain number, it will have numerous effects such as producing Diamonds, Dice and transforming Wario into many of his transformations. The very last chance wheel is blue, instead of green. It will not disappear after the first hit, but will allow Wario to keep hitting it. This will eventually release the Keyzer. The level has a general relaxed feel to it. It contains many Toy Cars, being the main enemy found here.
Doodle Woods map icon from Wario Land 4. Doodle Woods The Doodle Woods is a level with a very up-beat feel to it. It is the only level to feature Hoggus, an untouchable enemy that loves to draw. It has a sketchbook, where it will produce drawings of Butatabis and Dendens, which will come to life and try to harm Wario. There are also many prominent features of the level related to drawing such as pencils and erasers as platforms. Later in the level after the switch has been hit, Wario will come across an area that he must keep climbing upwards. There are several pictures of Deburīnas on the walls that may have been drawn by Hoggus. The pictures will come to life once Wario comes near them, releasing Deburīnas.
Domino Row map icon from Wario Land 4. Domino Row Domino Row is the only level in the game to feature the use of Dominoes. As the title may suggest, there are increasingly long rows of dominoes throughout the level. If Wario is to brush past a beginning of a row, they will begin to fall, bringing the ones in front down with it. At the end of the row is a switch. If the dominoes are to reach the switch first, a blue flag with a D will be raised. However, if Wario is to beat the dominoes to the switch and he hits it first, then a yellow and purple flag will be raised with a W on it. In result, this will open up a path that would be more convenient for Wario to take, such as shortcuts or paths with more coins.
Aerodent map icon from Wario Land 4. Aerodent (boss) The boss of the Topaz Passage is Aerodent, a rat that hides in a giant inflatable teddy bear. He throws down pin enemies, which Wario can throw to deflate the teddy bear. This will cause it to flip upside down and expose the rodent, its weak spot. Wario can then ram the rodent to inflict damage. When Aerodent has taken a considerable amount of damage, the Teddy will drop flames, which do not harm Wario, but instead turns him into Flaming Wario. He will catch fire and run around the screen for a while, wasting valuable time. Defeating Aerodent restores the Necklace to the Golden Pyramid.

CDs found[edit]

There are four CDs hidden in the Topaz Passage, one in each level. Once collected, the track can be played in the Sound Room.

Image Name Description

Sound Room - So Sleepy So Sleepy A person is snoring loudly. Doors creak open and shut with a slam, but he sleeps through it. A clock strikes, and he stirs, but quickly drifts off again. Springs bounce, cats meow and frogs croak. A cuckoo clock sings and the clock chimes again, but he does not stir a second time.
Sound Room - The Short Futon The Short Futon Two people are whispering to each other in a long corridor, with many doors on either side. They start opening doors. They peek into the many rooms, finding a rainforest, a snoring man, the female voice from Karaoke, a music box and Pikachu. Eventually, they come to the end of the corridor, where they find a room of royalty.
Sound Room - Avocado Song Avocado Song Drums begin to play a funky tune, with spoons tapping in an upbeat rhythm. Everything goes silent. An alarm rings, which cues the music back. The tune is very cheerful all the way to the end, where the music fades out.
Sound Room - Mr. Fly Mr. Fly A fly is buzzing around a room, stopping to land every few seconds. Someone tries to squash it, but they miss and the fly buzzes away. They keep trying to squash it again and again, but always missing. With all the noise going on, a dog begins to bark. It's victory for Mr. Fly as he survives.


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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese きいろのつうろ
Ki'iro no Tsūro
Yellow-Colored Passage

Chinese 黄宝石通道
Huángbǎoshí Tōngdào
Yellow Gemstone Passage

Italian Passaggio topazio
Topaz passage
Spanish Pasaje Topacio
Topaz Passage