Full Health Item

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Full Health Item
Sprites of a Full Health Item from Wario Land 4
A small box with a heart on the lid, containing a crowned heart
First appearance Wario Land 4 (2001)
A Full Health Item in Hall of Hieroglyphs
Wario finding a Full Health Item

A Full Health Item,[1] also simply referred to as "Health,"[2] is an item that appears in Wario Land 4. It is represented by a box similar in shape and size to the jewel piece box and the CD box. When the box is opened, a Gold Coin drops out, and a large heart that changes color with a crown hovers above the open box. If Wario collects it, his Heart Meter will be fully replenished.

There is one Full Health Item to find in each level, excluding the Golden Passage. Full Health Items may occasionally be found in pink areas. Their positions change with the game mode.


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