Cuckoo Condor

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Cuckoo Condor
Ripped sprites of Cuckoo Condor boss of Wario Land 4 which it shows its first form (left) and true form (right)
Species Bird
First appearance Wario Land 4 (2001)
Cuckoo Condor grabbing Wario
Cuckoo Condor grabbing Wario with its claw
Cuckoo Condor
Map of the level

Cuckoo Condor is the third boss in the Game Boy Advance game Wario Land 4. It guards the Ruby Passage.

Cuckoo Condor lives up to both parts of its name. At first, the boss is concealed within a large weaponized cuckoo clock. The pendulum of the clock features a large claw that it uses to pick Wario up and bring him to the large saw blades bordering the arena to inflict damage. It is difficult to escape this grasp, and impossible unless Wario is seized near the center of the screen. Wario must ram the large claw that it uses to attack, causing it to swing up and damage the boss.

As the boss takes damage in this form, it will start using its buzz and electrical saws to attack Wario. After taking enough damage, the clock is destroyed, revealing the condor's true form underneath. The small spinning bird on top of the clock remains as a headpiece for the exposed Condor.

In this state, Cuckoo Condor will lay eggs, which hatch chicks upon touching the ground. To damage the Cuckoo Condor, Wario must pick up these eggs before they hit the ground, then power throw the egg onto its head. As damage is dealt over time, the Cuckoo Condor begins to lay eggs at a significantly faster rate (and moving increasingly faster), forcing Wario to time his throws properly to defeat the boss.

After enough hits, Cuckoo Condor is defeated and Wario is rewarded with the creature's Earrings.

Time given in different modes[edit]

The time given to defeat the boss varies on the game mode.

  • Normal Mode game sprite: the time given is 4:00.
  • Hard Mode game sprite: the time given is 3:00.
  • S-Hard Mode game sprite (unlockable): the time given is 2:00.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese コンダラー
Possibly a corruption of「コンドル」(kondoru, condor); may include「だらだら」(daradara, Japanese onomatopoeia for dripping noise) with name ending "-r"
Chinese 布谷谷秃鹫[1]
Bùgǔgǔ Tūjiù
Cuckoo Condor
Italian Condor Cucù Cuckoo Condor


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