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The Sapphire Passage

The Sapphire Passage is one of the six passages in the Game Boy Advance game Wario Land 4. It is set in the Golden Pyramid, a large, labyrinth of a pyramid which Wario must make his way through to defeat the Golden Diva and rescue the Princess Shokora. This passage is horror-themed, with several ghost-like enemies such as Skeleton Bird, Men'ono and a ghost. The boss of this passage is Catbat, a ghostly combination of a cat and a bat. The jewel pieces in this passage are sapphires, and the CDs are blue. This is considered the most difficult main passage. Other passages include the Entry Passage, Emerald Passage, Ruby Passage, Topaz Passage and the Golden Pyramid.


The following table displays the five levels found in the Sapphire Passage, with their name, icon and description.

Image Name Description
Crescent Moon Village map icon from Wario Land 4. Crescent Moon Village Crescent Moon Village takes place in a haunted, moonlit village. The first level of the Sapphire Passage introduces the many ghostly enemies that are native to the horror-themed levels, such as the Skeleton Bird and Men'ono. Most of the level takes a straight path, with many blocks and posts as obstacles. A notable enemy appearance in such areas is the ghost, who, similar to Hoggus, appears in the level's background and cannot be touched. Unlike Hoggus, the ghost does not harm Wario. Instead, he watches from afar as Wario makes his progress. Whenever Wario defeats an enemy or breaks a block, coins will be produced, which they will scatter across the ground. The ghost's obsession is money, and he will dive and gather up as much money as he can if they are left unattended. Also, once Wario obtains the Keyzer, the ghost will try to steal it. If he succeeds, Wario will have to chase him to retrieve it, thus wasting valuable time.
Arabian Night map icon from Wario Land 4. Arabian Night Arabian Night is set in an abandoned Arabian village, with its Arabian-style buildings and unique flying carpets. Most of the level requires Wario to ride one of these flying carpets by jumping, causing the carpet to rise below his feet. Mayubirds are in abundance in the skies, where they will harm Wario if he makes contact with their fangs. The level consists of two parts, the inside and outside areas which link to each other via doors. While the inside areas are situated in the buildings that Wario can enter, the outside is everywhere else. Wario can also turn into his bat form in this level.
Fiery Cavern map icon from Wario Land 4. Fiery Cavern The Fiery Cavern level is set in an underground cavern with many pools of lava. Wario is able to swim in this lava in the same way as he swims in water, but he will take a great deal of damage. An enemy that is unique to this level is Iwao, a primate that hurls giant boulders that damage Wario if he happens to be in its path. Wario can only defeat these creatures by performing a ground pound to the head. Wario will come across these creatures in great numbers throughout the first half of the level. In the second half, when Wario hits the unavoidable switch, everything in the level will freeze over, including the lava and even the Iwao will be covered in a layer of ice. As a result, Wario is now able to safely travel over the cooled lava (which is now solid ice). Strangely, the Iwao, when frozen over, will quickly evolve into Yeti. These creatures have a white coat and always appear to be sneezing, casting icicles that will transform Wario into Frozen Wario.
Hotel Horror map icon from Wario Land 4. Hotel Horror This level takes place in an old, run-down hotel that has multiple floors, and many rooms (some of which are locked). Wario enters the level on the first floor, at room 101. Every room in the hotel is accessible, but not always straight through the front door. All rooms link to each other in one way or another. Most rooms consist of two floors, so there are two entrances. To the left of the hotel is an emergency staircase, where a Skeleton Bird hangs around the area. Wario can access each floor's left side by climbing the steps in the staircase, but the Skeleton Bird should generally be avoided because it releases a green goo that transforms Wario into Zombie Wario, sending him falling through the floor. Enemies that populate the level's corridors are ghostly creatures such as Men'ono and Minicula. When the Frog Switch is hit, all doors with a frog sign on the front will be unlocked.
Catbat map icon from Wario Land 4. Catbat (boss) The boss of the Sapphire Passage is Catbat. He is essentially a large, ghostly-like cat with a statue of a bat on his head, which is his weak spot. Catbat has ears that act as bat wings, and likewise he is able to fly during the battle. There is a pool of Water below the unstable flooring where a mechanical fish patrols by swimming back and forth. The drill on the creature's head will harm Wario if he is to make contact. Catbat creates waves which must be jumped over. Wario can also balance on top of these moving waves to jump and ram the bat's weak spot. Once he does so, Catbat will take damage. In retaliation, he spits out orange and purple spikes, which either damage Wario or turn him into Puffy Wario, respectively. The latter's purpose is to waste time. Defeating Catbat restores the Bracelets to the Golden Pyramid.

CDs found[edit]

There are four CDs hidden in the Sapphire Passage, one in each level. Once collected, the track can be played in the Sound Room.

Image Name Sound Description
Sound Room - Yesterday's Words Yesterday's Words A clock is ticking, getting louder and louder. Suddenly, many noises come in at once, like doors opening and closing, a cuckoo clock and the sounds of a switch being hit. Soon, the only sound left heard is the clock. That soon fades out and a catchy tune similar to the Mystic Lake theme plays to the end.
Sound Room - The Errand The Errand A person is walking, with the noises of a highway is heard in the background. The highway fades, and the sounds of waves are heard crashing and seagulls are cawing. He then comes across a forest. Crickets chirp and birds. He reaches his destination, and he sighs with relief. He goes inside and takes a well-deserved nap.
Sound Room - You and Your Shoes You and Your Shoes A girl is tap-dancing. Her steps start off simple, and then start to get more and more complicated. She clicks her fingers, and suddenly, many instruments play a loud and upbeat tune in time to her steps. She bows when the show is over.
Sound Room - Mr. Ether & Planaria Mr. Ether & Planaria This track begins with a mysterious tune full of suspense played by Mr. Ether. Drums tap in a sharp beat. Twenty seconds into the track, Planaria starts whistling over Mr. Ether in a high-pitched, catchy tune. The whistle fades out towards the end as machines start beeping. A few more loud notes end the CD.


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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese あおのつうろ
Ao no Tsūro
Blue Passage
Chinese 蓝宝石通道
Lánbǎoshí Tōngdào
Blue Gemstone Passage
Italian Passaggio zaffiro Sapphire passage
Spanish Pasaje Zafiro Sapphire Passage