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Dice enemies that were produced from a chance wheel in The Big Board, with the ribbon shown across the bottom of the screen
Chance wheel from Wario Land 4

The chance wheel[1] is the main feature of The Big Board in the Game Boy Advance game Wario Land 4. It is a block with a constantly moving set of numbers from 1 to 6 on the face, and a blue button on the bottom where Wario can jump up and hit. It has many purposes to help Wario make it through the level. When Wario stands below it, a ribbon appears, which shows what Wario could gain from a hit of the chance wheel. The numbers stop rolling when hit, and then that number of spaces is counted on the ribbon. It can land on many things, including switching all dotted red lines to solid blocks and back again, giving Wario health, changing Wario to one of his forms, producing Dice (to throw), making lightning strike (damages Wario), and dropping a Diamond. At the end of the ribbon, the Keyzer can be obtained, which opens the door to the next level. Wario can reach the end of the ribbon in a room that is very colorful and decorative. It has the words "Get a goal!" written everywhere, the goal being the Keyzer. The last chance wheel is known as a Goal Block[1] and is a different color from the normal ones, being blue with a red button on the bottom and it can be activated as many times until the board lands on the end. If the board bypasses the goal, it goes back the number of spaces remaining.

In hard and S-hard mode, the numbers spin faster, and the need to hit the right number increases.



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