Spike Cannon

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Spike Cannon
Spike Cannon
The many moods of a Spike Cannon
First appearance Wario Land 4 (2001)
Green Spike Cannons in the level Pinball Zone

Spike Cannons are enemies found in the Game Boy Advance game Wario Land 4. They only appear in the level Pinball Zone, which is situated in the Ruby Passage. Spike Cannons come in red, blue and green colors, and each color of Spike Cannon features a different expressions on its face. The different colors and expressions are purely aesthetic and do not affect gameplay. Most of them are found in areas with wire mesh that Wario must climb to progress through the level. In an attempt to hurt Wario, the Spike Cannon ejects a pair of arcing spiked balls to its left and right sides in a fixed interval. The top of the Spike Cannon acts as a platform that Wario can stand on, but he cannot stay for very long on it or else he will take damage from the spike balls being shot out of the top of the Spike Cannon. Neither Spike Cannons nor the spike balls they eject can be defeated, but the spike balls will disappear upon hitting the ground.

There are also similar Spike Dud enemies, which are very similar to Spike Cannons in regards to appearance, but they do not shoot any spike balls and are safe to stand on. In Hard Mode and Super Hard Mode, all of these Spike Duds are replaced with more Spike Cannons.