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Onomi WL4.png
First appearance Wario Land 4 (2001)
Variant of Men'ono
Wario near some Onomī in the level Arabian Night

Onomī (斧ミイ[1]) is an enemy in the game Wario Land 4. It appears in the Sapphire Passage in the level Arabian Night. An Onomī looks just like a mummy with bandages hanging off its back; it has blue eyes and brown feet and a red feather on its head. It wields an ax. An Onomī attacks Wario when he gets with in the mummy's vision range. When this happens, the Onomī charges and vertically chops its ax. The Onomī has a very close resemblance to the Men'ono.

Its name comes from ono (斧, ax) and mīra (ミイラ, mummy), a Japanese loanword that comes from the Portuguese mirra (myrrh).


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