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Artwork of Hoggus from Wario Land 4
Artwork of Hoggus and a Butatabi
Species Pig
First appearance Wario Land 4 (2001)
“This is one filthy little pig! He comes flying in from the sky dropping little pigs on you!! He brags about being a great painter, but trust me–his personality is anything but great! I know, because I'm so charming, right?! Whatever!! I just wish he'd wear pants!! It's only polite, don't you think?!”
Wario, Wario Land 4 instruction booklet

Hoggus[1] is an enemy that appears in Wario Land 4. He appears only once, as a common enemy in the level Doodle Woods. Hoggus resembles a humanoid pig, but instead of having feet, he has a wispy tail similar to a ghost, much like the bosses in Wario Land 4 (except for Spoiled Rotten). Hoggus wears a white shirt and a red hat and can be always seen with his paintbrush and sketch block.

In the outer areas of Doodle Woods, Hoggus flies around and paints two different types of pigs on his sketchbook which come to life. They are smaller than Hoggus and do not have a ghostly appearance. The first type is named Denden and wears a spiky shell and rolls after Wario to attack him. The second type, known as Butatabi, has a spike on its head and floats from right to left and inversely. Both can be defeated by Wario.

Hoggus himself does not harm Wario, but is also invincible. Hoggus flies away when Wario gets into one of the caves of Doodle Woods. After painting, Hoggus makes a sad face.

Hoggus is seen in a picture from the ending sequence of Wario Land 4. There, he is drawing in a book along with Wario.

In Super Mario-Kun, Hoggus appears in a bigger role as being an ally of Wario.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キヨブー[2]
Likely from the first name of Japanese artist「山下清」(Yamashita Kiyoshi, Kiyoshi Yamashita) or surname of Nintendo designer「清武博二」(Kiyotake Hiroji, Hiroji Kiyotake), and「ブーブー」(būbū, onomatopoeia for oinking)
Chinese 图画飞猪[3]
Túhuà Fēizhū
Paint Pig
French Hoggus[4] -
German Hoggus[5] -
Italian Porcolfiera[6] From procellino (pig) and mongolfiera (hot air balloon)
Spanish Porkus[7] The word "pork" transformed into an Ancient Greek/Roman name


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