Toy Block Tower

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Toy Block Tower
Wario holding a triangle block in Toy Block Tower
Level code 4-1
Game Wario Land 4
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Toy Block Tower map icon from Wario Land 4.
Toy Block Tower
Map of the level

Toy Block Tower is the first level of the Topaz Passage in the Game Boy Advance game Wario Land 4. The Toy Block Tower is a toy block themed stage. This stage has a few items that can only be found in the tower such as the triangle block and the round red rock. The triangle block is used as a key to open the Toy Block Door, and the round red rock is used as a mobile platform which Wario can move by ramming. This is the only level that features the Pig Head Statue, which spits fire and transforms Wario into Flaming Wario, where he can then destroy Bonfire Blocks. This level's CD is called So Sleepy and once collected, it can be played in the Sound Room.

Time given in different modes[edit]

The time given to escape the level after hitting the switch varies between game modes.

  • Normal Mode game sprite: the time given is 4:00.
  • Hard Mode game sprite: the time given is 2:30.
  • S-Hard Mode game sprite (unlockable): the time given is 2:00.



The level's theme is based on the song "Everybody Needs Somebody to Love".

Audio.svg Toy Block Tower - Level theme
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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese つみきのおしろ
Tsumiki no Oshiro
Toy Block Castle
Chinese 积木城堡[1]
Jīmù Chéngbǎo
Toy Brick Castle


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